I am a content creator and I want to stream Hacktag

First, Piece of Cake studios wants to thank you for your interest in Hacktag. Seriously, you really have great taste!

We will be very happy to provide anything you need to help you create great content with the game. On this page, you can request your twokeys but also some assets to create your banners. When it's done, don't forget to share with us your content and creation, we'd be happy to promote it on social networks and our Discord server!


You can request us your 2 keys here:

keymaileror send us an email!

Please keep in mind that we manually check applications. We will contact you through the verified email provided in your channel description.
Please be aware that we may not be able to fulfill all requests.


If you are brave enough to stream Hacktag on Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, Facebook or other video sharing sites.
We are happy to provide you with some artwork to help you create your thumbnails and to promote your videos featuring Damsel.







Playable characters



cat cat-female raccoon hind




Corporation characters


Lexyk_stuart_sheppard Genethics_skunk Lexyk_Banansky Claw_lion
Claw_lynx Claw_sphinx Claw-tiger Claw-tiger_young
Lexyk_sloth Genethics_owl Genethics_turtle Claw_pix


Corporation Backgrounds

Lexyk 1
Genethics 1
C.L.A.W Media 1
Lexyk 2
Genethics 2
C.L.A.W Media 2 
 cropped-CREA_video.jpg  hacktag_keyart  


Share your video with us!


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